Napoléon ? Non, Napoléon et Joséphine

The film "Napoléon et Joséphine" by Ridley Scott fails to portray a grand love story or epic military saga. Instead, it focuses more on desire than true love. Despite some accurate historical depictions, the film lacks the depth and nobility of emotions. Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of Napoléon is also criticized for lacking authenticity.

Trois Mousquetaires : trop Western et pas assez cape et d’épée

The adaptation of "The Three Musketeers" to the big screen showcases grandeur and historical allure, but falls short of capturing the essence of Dumas' work. The film's blend of French monarchy and modernity creates dissonance. While some characters stay true to the original, others lose their authenticity, leaving the viewer longing for a more faithful portrayal of the classic tale.

Pour le roman historique

The post discusses the importance and impact of historical novels. It emphasizes how the genre makes history accessible to a wider audience and serves as a valuable educational tool. The piece also highlights the contemporary popularity of historical TV series and films and explores the moral and ethical themes often portrayed in historical fiction.